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Member of Reanda International

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Member of Reanda International

Reanda International is delighted to announce the admission of a new member firm in Italy effective 3 December 2017. The cooperation was sealed at the signing ceremony held during the Annual Conference 2017 of Reanda International in Shanghai, China

Established in 1998, Studio Rigobon Bitetti & Associati is based in Milan and managed by three partners, offering a wide range of auditing, advisory, taxation, accounting and legal services. While all the partners have been the statutory auditors and board of directors members for various sizable companies in Italy, the firm’s significant industry expertise is focused on the chemical, electronics, food and GDO and transport sectors, in which they have a number of major clients. The firm’s growth in recent years has been extremely strong and is expected to accelerate under the Reanda brand. Currently Studio Rigobon Bitetti & Associati handles client engagements in the Italian, English, Spanish and Chinese languages.

Studio Rigobon Bitetti & Associati has maintained a vision for growth and is committed to investing significantly in the expansion of the firm in 2018. The firm is looking forward to establishing their further presence to other key cities in Italy including Rome, Bari, Padova, Brescia, Florence and Torin with a total of 12 offices in the near future.

Reanda International is delighted to welcome the joining of such a vibrant and ambitious firm to further cement the network’s presence in the European region. Our Italian member comes with superb reputation in the local market  and excellence in professional services. With these in mind, we foresee a mutually beneficial cooperation between Studio Rigobon Bitetti & Associati and other members of Reanda International in the years ahead. We are grateful once again to Studio Rigobon Bitetti & Associati for their vision and view towards the global development of Reanda International.

The Signing Ceremony held during the Annual Conference on 3 December 2017 to admit Studio Rigobon Bitetti & Associati as the Italian member firm; Mr. Huang Jinhui, Chairman of Reanda International (left) and Mr. Marco Rigobon, Managing Partner of Studio Rigobon Bitetti & Associati (right) signed the member firm agreement. It was witnessed by honorable guests Ms. Feng Shuping, President of the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants; Mr. Liu Shanzai, Founder & Senior Adviser of Reanda China; Prof. Wang Liyan, Senior Adviser of Reanda China, as well as member firm representatives and personnel of Reanda Network and the media.