Italian member of Reanda International


Via Vitali Luigi, 1

20122 Milano (MI)

Corporate Consulting and Assistance

We assist companies from their incorporation, carrying out both ordinary and extraordinary activities.

In particular, we specialise in the following:
• Performing preliminary analyses of the actions best suited to satisfy the needs of our clients, drawing up the articles of incorporation and shareholder agreements
• Advising on and assisting in corporate restructuring, recovery and turn around
• Drawing up contracts for the transfer or acquisition of companies or shareholdings
• Carrying out mergers, split-ups, take-overs, allocations, company leasing and restructuring, voluntary winding-ups, corporate,tax and legal due diligence
• Making appraisals in keeping with civil, criminal, and tax law
• Representing clients in domestic as well as international disputes and arbitrating such conflicts with major institutions including the International Chamber of Commerce.)