Italian member of Reanda International


Via Vitali Luigi, 1

20122 Milano (MI)

Area Corporate, Administrative, and Legal Matters

Corporate Consulting and Assistance

We assist companies from their incorporation, carrying out both ordinary and extraordinary activities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our professionals, with their experience in M&A and business integration offer tailor-made solutions to clients.

Company Restructuring

We provide advice and assistance to entrepreneurs interested in restructuring their company according to current business requirements.

Preparation of Financial Statements

Our firm assists its clients in the preparation of financial statements and consolidated financial statements.

Boards of Auditors and External Audit

Our professionals can be part of the Board of auditors or act as accounting auditors in compliance with Italian Civil code.

Company and Business Evaluation, Fund Raising, and Credit Lines

We have special expertise in evaluating businesses and drafting related appraisal reports.

Economic and Financial Consulting

RBD assists clients in rationalizing financial and assets management.